Blissful Yogi 
6 Months Program

Online Do-It-Yourself : $2,499.00
Private VIP 1:1 Coaching: $5,997.00
You don't have to live in pain and stress anymore.

Now, there is a step by step solution to end your chronic pain without painful shots, pills, potions or invasive surgeries. 

This 6 months Blissful Yogi Program will help you take giant leaps on the yogic path.

In these  6 months, you will work on building a fit and healthy mind-body for total transformation!

You have 2 options.
Join online Do-It-Yourself Program which will be delivered to you via weekly e-mails
Private VIP 1:1 coaching with Anjali.
Coaching can be done in-person or via skype or phone. 
With private coaching, you will receieve a personalized program to meet your specific needs. It is great for people seeking solutions to their unique situation. 
With private coaching you will also get extra support, focus and clarity along with expert advice and guidance to  move through the challenges and obstacles in your path.

Here’s what you can expect when you complete this program:
 >> Less pain and reduced muscle tension so you can enjoy your life again!
>>Experience the freedom and joy! You can travel the world, go dancing with your friends or get back to your hobbies like golf, tennis or gardening!
>>Lower levels of stress and anxiety! When you feel focused and centered, you are more productive at home and at work!
>>Feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful! When you are calm and peaceful, you can spread the energy of peace and love to those in your lives thereby elevating the quality of everyone's lives!
>>Better range of motion so you can move freely! You will only be limited by your imagination and not by your pain!
>>More dynamic and vibrant energy so you can knock things off your over-packed to-do list and still have plenty of time and energy to spend and enjoy time with your loved ones!
>>Better quality of sleep at night! You will wake up renewed and refreshed to take on the new day with vigor and enthusiasm!
>>Better mood! When you are feeling great, each and every moment becomes a celebration!
>>Positive mindset! With positive and powerful thoughts, you can create a wonderful life you always dreamed of!

>>Fit, active and healthier body! Imagine how you would feel when you are look great and feel amazing in your new body!
How it works:
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If you apply for Private 1:1 session, you will hear from me within 1-2 business days.

What is included in the DIY program:
24 Restorative/yin Yoga Videos to reduce pain and muscle tension
24 Meditation Audios to lower stress and anxiety
24 Dynamic Yoga Videos to improve strength and flexibility

Following Handouts and Worksheets (pdf):
Action Guide with step by step intructions on how to use this program
Goal Setting Worksheet  
Success Tips  
Progress Charts  
Yoga Planning Worksheet

Bonuses (pdf) included with the program:
60 Healthy Recipes
Sleep Guide to help improve the quality of your sleep
Blissful Yogi Daily Routine Worksheet  
Power of Positive Thoughts

 Weekly Journal Prompts
Menu Planning Tools
Negativity Detox Handout
Mindful Focus Guide

What is included in Private VIP 1:1 Coaching 
Everything included in DIY Program
One 90 minute Jump-start strategy session
10 Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions with Anjali (50 min each session)
One 90 Minute Closing Ritual to plan for continued success
12 Weeks Clean Eating Plan: includes healthy recipes, suggested meal plans, shopping list
14 Day Detox Plan to Reset Your Body
A full set of notes and recommendations to reflect on between sessions.
Access to special private client worksheets, planning tools, and other information to help inform and inspire you along the way
Email access to me Monday-Friday to have consistent support or to answer any questions you have in between our sessions
Personalized program to meet your specific needs
Expert advice and guidance to help you overcome challenges
Free giveaways