Hi, My name is Anjali and we have created a warm and cozy space where you are guided into a nurturing, calming and soothing yoga practice! Come & get your BLISS on!
Single Class: $25.00
5 Class Pass: $99.00 (Pass expires in 3 months)
Unlimited Classes: $99.00 per month

Class Description:   
Our classes are designed to help relieve chronic pain, stress & anxiety! They great for all levels. If you are a beginner, all our classes are perfectly suitable for you. No handstands or super twisty poses. They will transport your mind-body into a blissful place! Yoga at Inner Bliss is a unique experience! Don’t miss out.  

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Gentle Yoga For Low Back Pain: 
Soothe sore muscles and restore the movement! The primary focus of this class is to help relieve low back pain from sciatica, disc problems or any other condition.

The class will begin with joint loosening exercises to help prepare the body for yoga. Then we will practice simple and easy yet highly effective yoga poses to realign the spine, reduce muscle tension in the body, free up the hips as well as calm down the mind!  

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Restorative Yoga For Low Back Pain: 
Jumpstart your healing with Restorative/yin yoga! Benefits of yin yoga go way beyond the physical level. In this class, we will focus on practicing poses to relieve low back pain, reduce muscle tension and restore motion.

During Restorative/Yin Yoga Classes, we hold the poses for 3-5 minutes with the use of props like bolsters, blocks or blankets. Props will be provided. Long meditative holds also take the mind-body into a deeper state of relaxation. When our body is relaxed, it can heal, renew, repair and restore itself. 

Gentle Yoga For Stress & Anxiety: 
Got stress and anxiety? This class is perfect for you. This class begins with some joint loosening practices to help improve blood and lymph circulation and remove physical and energetic blockages.

Then we will practice yoga poses to help reduce stress and anxiety. These yoga poses will help you feel more grounded, centered and balanced. The class with end with breathing practices for an instant energy boost and a deeply relaxing yoga nidra! You will leave feeling renewed, restored and blissfully relaxed!

Watch the video of a class >>

Watch the video of a class >>

Restorative Yoga For Stress & Anxiety: 
Feeling drained, depleted, and chronically stressed? Restorative/Yin yoga to the rescue again! Let go of your tension and stress and let yoga take you into a state of blissful relaxation!

Practice meditative postures with long holds to take your mind-body in perfect stillness. Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily and life and find refuge in this warm, nurturing and relaxing environment. Breathing practices and relaxation technique add the cherry on the top!