Blissful Yogi Programs
12 Weeks Program

Online Do-It-Yourself : $199.00
Are you ready to let go of pain and stress to create the life of your dreams?

This 12 Weeks Blissful Yogi Program will take your progress to the next level.  
In these 12 weeks, you will work on developing strength and flexibility so you can live an active, happy and healthy life.

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 Here’s what you can expect when you complete this program:
 Less pain and reduced muscle tension
Lower levels of stress and anxiety
Feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful
Better range of motion so you can move freely
More vibrant energy 
Better quality of sleep at night
Better mood
Positive mindset
How it works:
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What is included in the DIY program:

6 Meditation Audios to lower stress and anxiey
6 Yoga Videos to relieve youe pain, and improve strength and flexibility
Following Handouts and Worksheets (pdf):
Action Guide with step by step intructions on how to use this program
Goal Setting Worksheet  
Success Tips  
Progress Charts  
Yoga Planning Worksheet

Bonuses (pdf) included with the program:

Sleep Guide to help improve the quality of your sleep
Blissful Yogi Daily Routine Worksheet  
Blissful Yogi Reflections