For Our New Yoga Students


Welcome to Inner Bliss Studio!
Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your healing journey. We look forward to guiding and supporting you on your path to personal growth and wellbeing. All our classes are suitable for beginners and designed to help relieve chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. 

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  Here are a few tips to remember before your first class:

  • Arrive Early: Allow enough time to find parking and sign in.  Introduce yourself to the instructor and tell them about any conditions or restrictions you may have. On your first visit, you will fill out an intake form.
  • Yoga Mat: We have yoga mats for your use but if you prefer to bring your own, please feel free do so.
  • Personal Items: We provide cubbies for your belongings. Please remove shoes at the door and turn off any electronics before class. Consider removing large jewelry that may distract your practice. Please do not bring any valuables to the studio. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Please note that we practice in a room that is not heated. Dress in layers.
  • Water: Bring a water bottle or $1 to purchase one.
  • Towel: Please bring a small towel.   
  • Props: We provide blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Please gather these before class begins. If, however, you do need to grab one mid-class, no worries!
  • Food: It is not recommended to practice yoga with a full stomach. You can eat a light snack. 
 Frequently Asked Questions:
​​Questions: Ask questions and share with the teacher any injuries that you feel they should know about. Read the FAQs below to learn more...
Can I do yoga even though I am not flexible?
Yes. You do not need to be flexible or strong to practice yoga. Regular practice of yoga will help you improve your range of motion in the stiff joints and restore movement. It will also help improve core strength, overall balance and coordination.
Where do I start?
All our classes are great for beginners. Make sure you let the instructor know about any injuries or restrictions you may have.
What do I bring to my first class?
You will want to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move without any restriction. In some yoga poses you will be bending forward, so you will want to wear a top that won’t fall over your head, exposing your upper body. Shoes and socks (unless they are yoga socks) are removed before class, so you don’t need to worry about those. Please leave your cell phone in your car or at home.  Yoga is your time to unplug!
Do I have to sign up online?
It is always a good idea to sign up for a class. It helps us plan the classes better. If you sign up in advance, you will be notified if the class gets canceled for any reason. You are always welcome to sign up and/or pay for your class(es) online, but it is not necessary. You may sign in and pay when you are at the studio.  
Will it be too hard?
We teach gentle and restorative yoga. The poses are very easy yet highly effective in restoring motion and relieving pain and tension. Modifications will be shown to you if needed.
What is the best way to get started, especially if I am out of shape?
Don’t worry. If you feel out of shape, yoga is a great way to tone your body. Regular practice of yoga will help gently open the stiff joints, strengthen the core and improve flexibility.
What if I’m overweight?
Yoga has helped many people improve health and wellbeing. It can help burn calories, reduce stress, help overcome cravings and help you lose extra pounds too. 
What if I have more questions?
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call/text (832) 610-5564 or email us at [email protected]