Transport the mind-body into a state of Deep, Blissful relaxation!

A Warm Welcome
Hello, my new friend,
A very warm welcome to the Inner Bliss Studio! We are so happy to see you here.  We have created a warm and cozy space where you are guided into a nurturing, calming and soothing yoga practice! Come & get your BLISS on! 

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Single class: $25.00
5 Class Pass: $99.00 (Expires in 3 months after purchase)
Unlimited Yoga Classes: $99 per month 

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Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga For Low Back Pain: 
Soothe sore muscles and restore the movement! The class will begin with joint loosening exercises to help prepare the body for yoga. Then we will practice simple and easy yet highly effective yoga poses to realign the spine, reduce muscle tension in the body, free up the hips as well as calm down the mind!  

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Restorative Yoga For Low Back Pain:  
Jumpstart your healing with Restorative/yin yoga! During Restorative/Yin Yoga Classes, we hold the poses for 3-5 minutes with the use of props like bolsters, blocks or blankets. Props will be provided. Long meditative holds also take the mind-body into a deeper state of relaxation to promote natural healing.

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Gentle Yoga For Stress & Anxiety:  
In this class, we will practice yoga poses to help you feel more grounded, centered and balanced. The class with end with breathing practices for an instant energy boost and a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra meditation! You will leave feeling renewed, restored and blissfully relaxed!

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Restorative Yoga For Stress & Anxiety:   
Let go of your tension and stress and let yoga take you into a state of blissful relaxation! Practice meditative postures with long holds to take your mind-body in perfect stillness. Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily and life and find refuge in this warm, nurturing and relaxing environment.  

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What is Yoga?   
Yoga is a practice for personal growth. It involves practicing various poses, deep breathing, and meditation to achieve and maintain balance and harmony at the mind-body level. It was started more than 5,000 years ago in India and has spread all over the world! 

What are the benefits of practicing Yoga?   
A regular practice of yoga has numerous physical & mental benefits. Yoga helps to improve:
  • flexibility and range of motion
  • upper and lower body strength
  • ​balance and coordination
  • core stability
  • quality of sleep
  • mood, focus, memory, and much more!

What does the word Yoga mean?   

Patanjali yoga sutra is one of the ancient texts on yoga. It was written by Sage Patanjali hundreds of years ago. He defines Yoga as follows:

Yoga is arriving at the stillness by gaining the freedom from all the oscillations and movement of the mind.